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Default Re: Delay from the

Originally Posted by Trivial View Post
I agree.

But instead of typing (which came off as arrogant and calling out everyone in the thread)

A better substitute could have been...

I have taken care of the problem that happened with shishaholiC's order. The order was placed on the 26th and shipped on the 29th which is with in our processing time window
and our International orders are picked up only twice a week and not daily. I apologize for the status not changing on the order but in the future it would be greatly appreciated
it if you Contact us first. We offer great customer service and always ready to help!

You can contact me by email

or by phone at
(555) 555-5555

Paul Adams from

Handling it like this would be much more professional and I am sure, much more appreciated by the members of hookahpro

Hey man he's a guy on a forum, not an ambassador. I'd say what he did too if someone(s) were going on and on about my legitimate business when they were mistaken.

I don't know why people have to get so fucking touchy on the internet most of the time *cough* but I do understand if someone is insulting my business aka my source of income in a public forum and it's unfounded.

Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
In my opinion, the responsible thing to do is to contact the vendor and get their response before going public w/a post that can often snowball into a ''hate bandwagon''. Vendors are people too and sometimes make mistakes. As do postal services and shipping agencies. It's always best to reach out to the vendor before exposing them to a public flogging. Don't get me wrong. Our members are free to voice their opinions but we have a resposibility to get the facts first. Just my humble opinion, of course.
I agree. At least get your order in, that's probably wiser anyway, you never know if they didn't put that 50g box of shisha somewhere naughty.
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