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Originally Posted by BobMarley View Post
Hey man he's a guy on a forum, not an ambassador. I'd say what he did too if someone(s) were going on and on about my legitimate business when they were mistaken.

I don't know why people have to get so fucking touchy on the internet most of the time *cough* but I do understand if someone is insulting my business aka my source of income in a public forum and it's unfounded.
I don't think you grasp what I am saying. He is a representing his company and what he says represents his company. There is a way to state you point and be professional.

You can say "he's a guy on a forum" but in reality he is a a business man that is representing his company on with his words and actions.

I am done with this thread now. I have stated my opinion and said all that I thinks need to be said.
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