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Default Re: Shisha Cut

i dont know if i would do what your talking about. i smoke allot of diffrent tobaccos and i always get really good clouds and flavor from starbuzz. and a bit less from AF but thats my opinion. I personally think every tobacco has its fan buss and i try to stay impartial since every one has somthing i like besides jewels and soex witch personally i wont smoke even if given to me. But some will go one way or the other on this topic but ive had good clouds from both and bad cloud days on both but very rarley do i with sb. Also allot has to do with the flavor of the brand cause some smoke better than others. I guess give it a go and report back to us on how it smokes. I personally just started smoking some Desi Murli thanks to Bigpappa and it is beyond fine cut but it has very little smoke straight from the package and even with a mixture of molases honey and glycerin didnt put out a whole lot of smoke. But Desi has some of the most awsome traditional flavors with a buzz sent down from the heavens. This stuff is not for the light smoker but good without allot of smoke. Just my thought on you question good luck.

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