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Originally Posted by ************* View Post
ok, i've had it. if anyone needs me to go over to thehookah and give them a kick in the nuts just say it.......
jk, they are really good guys, I know them personally and they will make up for it. didn't they settle this already?
Haha John don't make me go over there and take all of your charcoal and sell it!

The ironic thing is that this was never an issue to begin with and my reply to the thread was in no way directed towards shishaholiC. My concern is how the thread quickly snowballed into "I once heard...", "...Ban..." etc. We would appreciate it if the replies are kept relevant to the topic at hand and to your personal experiences with the discussed vendor. Vendors work hard for a reputation and the least you can do is give them the benefit of the doubt. After all we are big supporters of this forum and actually offer the biggest discount to this forum than any other on the web.

This is supposed to be a fun and friendly environment where members and vendors can interact on a less casual level. I don't think every post from fellow vendors has to sound like a State of the Union Address.
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