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Default Re: How to tell (guide)

Cant be egyptian :P but i believe its not syrian style either, i believe its bohemian due to the stem. Syrian stems are mostly metal (with very few exceptions because of the way the are produced). Maybe it comes from syria but has a bahemian style stem with a standard vase. This i actually a beautiful and unique hookah.
As i said in the beginisg of my 1st post not all hookah clearly fit into a category, many are mix and match by vendors and some syrian hookahs adopt some bohemian fetures as some egyptian might adopt the syrian heart (KM have a more syrian style heart, IMO)

Anw this is just style and all caltural stuff. Has nothing to do with the origin of the hookah or its performance.
If you ask someone else, he might tell you that its somethink else. Its just style so its just opinions.

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