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Default Tired of workin' for the man.

Well lately I have been living a life of dirt poor eat noodles every day busting my ass for minimum wage and I am tired of that I find myself caught up on alot of bills I even found some free I am back HP for good....bear with me as this story is hookah related.

Into the belly of the beast:
I reside in a somewhat small town with a college and a HEALTHY student body. A location across the street from the college is now for sale due to its poor business practices. I desire to take a crack at self-employment. Most of my peers and loved ones think I am insane (all thanks to my age 19). My desire is to open a hookah lounge in that location. I have employees that are already signed on if everything goes through. I made floor plans. I have furnishings on standby. Pricing charts, profit projections. All I need now is of course the hardest thing to come across (startup money), as well as a reliable vendor.

I made a 31 on my act, I shouldn't spend 10 hours a day making big macs.......

That being said any advice concerning my journey? Keep in mind that I do realize my duties as a business owner, I also know about the amount of effort it takes to successfully pull this off. Lets see that feedback..........

PS. I have also analyzed the steps I would have to take regarding Texas law
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