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Default Re: another new wave

Originally Posted by paulk View Post
If your doing it because it the "cool" thing to do, IMHO you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Don't follow the pack. Do it because you enjoy it, the relaxation, the smoke, the flavor.

If you want to be cool, move to the freaking south pole.

Sorry if it seems harsh, but this is what the anti-smoking cronies need to start the war on Hookah.

Any one who thinks smoking is cool gets my Irish up.
Smoking is NOT cool. In any way shape or form.
I agree with this in ways. It's because of that "Smoking is cool" mentality that companies are bastardizing the culture by making things like the Ed Hardy and "Gothy" hookahs. Sure, all the teeny boppers will buy them, and the threads will be filled with whiny complaints about how so-and-so's girl/boyfriend is cheating on them and how the intro to math final was soo hard and my parents hate me...

*ahem* sorry. Hah
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