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Default I think I found a new niche!!

So my buddy and I were smoking in my mom's living room last night.. we had packed starbuzz sweet melon in my havana phunnel bowl.. because the oversized grommet doesn't fit anymore, i had wrapped electrical tape around it.. the bowl didn't go down far enough and 10 minutes into the sesson the entire bowl tipped over sending 4 coconaras to the brand new carpet (installed 1 month ago).. they had seared 3 pretty nice size holes in the floor.. in the heat of the moment i grabbed one of the coals with my fingers and threw it in the tray (i heard my fingers simmering and now i have a dime sized blister on my index finger!!).. we went to home depot and picked up some carpet double sided tape, and went to work.. we just cut boxes around the holes, put the tape down onto the mat under the carpet, and cut out new boxes from some exess carpet i had laying around.. you cant even tell it happened now.. if i get the pictures back from my friend i will post them up here.. it's not as hard as you think to fix some seared carpet!!
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