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Default Re: To set up a REAL GREAT hookah

this is a very opinionated question, as many people have different ways that make their hookah smoke to their liking.. here are some of my suggestions though..

1) Natural Coals - if you want the best taste out of your tobacco you should shy away from quick lights.. the sulfur in them will taint the taste of your shisha.. natural coals take a little longer to light, but it is definitely worth the wait

2) Use foil, not a screen cover - I personally do not like using screen covers because i had a bad experience one time with a lot of ash and charcoal mixing in with my shisha.. just stick with some heavy duty reynolds wrap foil

3) Poke enough, but not too much - when poking holes in your foil, use a toothpick but don't push in all the way.. if you go too far the holes become too big (or at least too big for my liking).. poke holes in circles from the outside of the bowl, in to the center

4) Don't over/underpack your bowl - sprinkle your tobacco into your bowl and leave about 2 millimeters between the top of the shisha and the top of the bowl.. if you overpack it you will construct airflow, and if you underpack it, it may burn incorrectly

5) Cold water - use cold water in your vase.. i typically like to put water in the vase and throw it in the freezer for about 10 minutes.. if you have a washable hose, you might want to put that in the freezer too.. this will give your smoke an incredibly cooling feeling.. the reason why i say only to do this with a washable hose is because when the hose eventually finds its way back to room temperature, it will leave condensation inside the hose.. this will cause the hose to rust easily if it is not washable..

Smoking hookah is an art, not a science.. test out new ideas and prove my ideas wrong if you can.. have fun with it because there are endless possibilities out there.. everyone has their own preferences so experiment for a little until you get yours just right
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