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Default Re: Royal Praparat Tobacco - Should I be smoking it?!

Originally Posted by hookahdrummer View Post
I was on the edgware road the other day and couldnt find "The" famous Al Mustafa store. There are many shops on that road called AlMustafa but I could only find pitiful selections of shisha hidden behind the counters. Which end of the road is it and can you describe what the shop looks like please.

Hi mate!

When you come out of Edgware Road station, chuck a left and keep walking until you see two shops next to each other called Al Mustafa.

The one which is half a mini-mart is the one, sure all the stuff is behind the counter but just ask the guy what he has got and he will be happy to show you a selection. He will try to get you to buy Al Fakher but if you ask for the 'Two for Fifteen shit' then he will know what your on about...

Trust me, its not shit, its actually really nice shisha!

Oh and if you are buying any other brands, haggle with will most likely get a better price than originally offered.
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