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Default Re: the best hookah?

I have a Mya Mini-Acrylic which has been phenomenal as well as a AF Syrian 36". The Syrian is a real tank, and is downright jaw-dropping aesthetically.
That being said I still use the Mini acryllic because its easy to set up and durable(the base is near impossible to break which is great when you have friends who aren't nearly as careful with the hookah as you are). Extremely easy to clean and stores away easy. My Syrian is my favorite pipe, but is harder to clean than the mini but not impossible to clean.
I've heard great things about KM though, and I intend on getting a KM for my 3rd pipe. KM has some pipes that are on par with my Syrian as far as looks go(I'm looking at an OG KM Trimetal for my next one). There is also a lot more variety with KMs so you'll be able to find a hookah that catches your eye.
For price point though, the AF was a little pricey but I'm grateful that I invested because it is exactly what I was looking for.
Best of luck with your choice though!

36" Al Falkher Solid - 36" KM Copper Heart Two Hose - 22" Temsah Mini-Wheat(a.k.a. Golden Nugget)
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