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Default Re: Tired of workin' for the man.

I helped support a bar in Tampa since it's first day opening and eventually I knocked over one of the hookahs and broke the base. The guy charged me 50 bucks for it! A guy going there since day one and was always super friendly to him (and had talked with him a bit.) I had no idea at the time I was being completely ripped off too, I even had to borrow money from a friend and pay them back later.

Felt like sharing.

Anyway, what kind of bar are you looking to open? Is it a "scene" kind of place, or a more traditional kind of place? More details = more refined advice in any business model case I'd imagine.

Imo even though it's near a college you don't have to sell out the traditional style and go for the night club look to make a buck. My two cents.
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