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Default 37 cents gets you only one Phunnel

Eat your heart out, as I do. Chinese phunnels are sold for 37 cents apiece, provided that you make a minimum order of 10,000. I asked for a sample to my home in Israel. Shipping by camel was out of the question, so they offered to send me one for around $76 and I figured $76.37 is too much for one phunnel. Don't think buying in USA is cheaper! I'd pay about the same shipping for 2.
Here are the links :
photo for bowl #004

price per bowl for #004 if you buy only 10,000 minmum order :
This is not an advertisement. I would imagine that the added price of shipping, taxes port taxes, port usage,shipping from port to company, insurance, overhead at the company etc, would balloon the 37 cent price to something higher.
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