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Default Re: Tired of workin' for the man.


Success story:

There are two hookah lounges across the street from each other in Westwood. This is basically a college town dominated by UCLA students (but still containing others). Being in LA though, they both get a lot of normal LA people too (high schoolers, older crowd, etc). They're both owned by the same guy (weird, huh?) and are both highly successful. One being more popular and bigger, and usually a more UCLA-ish crowd.

Fail story:
I go to UCSB. Isla Vista, the college town highly highly dominated by UCSBers, has had hookah lounges at different times in the past years. All of them have failed.

I've been to many houses and parties at UCSB that have had hookahs. I haven't seen (m)any hookahs in UCLA (besides the two lounges). So, perhaps, people own hookahs in SB, which causes other people to own hookahs, and ownership spreads. Whereas, at UCLA, if everyone goes to the lounge, you may follow that trend. Or maybe the fact that the UCLA lounges are also open to a huge non-college market keeps them in business. Or maybe because usually there aren't huge Friday/Saturday night parties at UCLA but there are huge parties every weekendnight at UCSB- so people go to a hookah lounge because that's all there is to do.

Hookah Lounges are expensive. College students, for the most part, aren't rich.
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