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Default Re: Hey nakhlaholes!

Originally Posted by Ninorey123 View Post
el basha line is the "ultra light" line and one of the two Nak lines thats washed, the other being mizo. i have only had their cappuccino so i can't really say anything. hows it smoke?
well i just finished. i can't say it's "light" since i was drinking befrore and during. it actually felt strong to me, even thought the smoke was light, meaning no big clouds but flavorful nonetheless. btw i didn't know mizo is unwashed, it seems stronger to me than da.
overall it was great, some anise, but not as much as da. i need to compare it to single apple though since that would be the same description i give apple (no basha)

btw i dv'd a new hose for this one too so no ghosting.
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