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Default Re: Hookah Kings Egyptians?

Originally Posted by speel
Originally Posted by HookahMaster
Originally Posted by chunkymonkey916
Has anyone ordered a Large Egyptian hookah from hookahkings? by the pictures they looks well "built" and sturdy. I know some Egyptians look good on the web then you get them and the welds and other parts are pretty bad. Thats what happened to mine. Ordered a 21" Egyptian from hookahcompany and i was not satisfied by the welds and what not. Looking at either buying a large(30'' and up) syrian or egyptian.
To avoid this, buy a machine made hookah such as Mya or Syrian. Hand made hookahs just leave more room for "man made" errors. If you're planning on buying a Mya though, I suggest you spend north of $120. If you spend anything below that, you won't be getting their best offering.
I beg to differ, the mya qt has been one of the greatest hookahs to ever hit the market. 50$
Yes, i do too. The Mya quality is based solely on the stems. And all their stems are worth the buy. I have an Acrylic and the stem is fantastic.
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