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Default In a shisha rut...any ideas for me...?

I haven't posted in forever, but have been hittin' the hookah.

Hubby and I just got to the bottom of a kilo of SB blue mist, so it is time to reorder.

Blue Mist is not all we smoke but it is the base flavor of the majority of our bowls and we usually add a little nakhla mizo mint and one other flavor out of our stasha (we like nakhla coconut, banana, and several AF flavors - cinnamon, peach, 2 apple etc).

So my debate here is, do I just stick with old reliable and order another Kilo of Blue Mist and maybe a couple 250g blenders we like, or just buy all new flavors/brands that we haven't ever tried?

This is not a really cheap hobby/vice and I hate to waste money, but I do have several shishas that we will never smoke (a lemon, guava, and a couple others that just don't taste good) and I hate the thought of having a bunch of misses in this order.

Anyone like the stuff I like who has a recommendation for me?

Thanks - Josie
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