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Default Re: Quicklites Vs Natural

To answer you first question, there are huge differences between natural and quicklight coals. One of the things that we like to stress most on these forums is to make sure that your coal is fully lit. With quicklights it can take a while for it to get completely red hot, and sometimes you have to blow on it to get it there. Another thing is CO (carbon monoxide) Some members have tested natural and quicklight coals and their CO output. Quicklight coals put out more CO than naturals. And if your coal isnt red hot, then your breathing that in. Naturals still give off some CO, but generally less. Ash; it really depends on your coal, but more quicklights ash a ton, ash isnt horrible, but if you have a smaller hookah, it can get in your mouth, and some think its harder to manage heat. Natural coals usually give off less ash, especially coconaras, there is like none. Time; quicklights generally last a shorter time than naturals. Heat; some think that quicklights give off too much or too little heat, it seems that natural coals are more consistent on heat, but it still varies brand to brand. Also, quicklights tend to "explode" and be more brittle because they heat up so quick. Personally, every burn ive made in my van or in my room was from a quicklight, and i usually smoke naturals. And taste, Depending on how well you cook your coals taste can vary. Some coals have a nutty taste, some taste like tar. Generally, QL's get a bad rap because they taste bad, but in my experiences, its because they dont light them all the way

Some coals i would Reccomend:
Coconara's (anywhere)
Hookah Johns ******* Coals (quicklight or Natural) (**********.com)
Shishaco Coals (

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