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Default Re: Al fakher hookah from HOOKAH JOHN

Priority MailŪ International Large Flat-Rate Box 6 - 10 Days $53.95 $
Priority MailŪ International Regular Flat-Rate Boxes 6 - 10 Days $41.95
Priority MailŪ International Small Flat-Rate Box 6 - 10 Days $12.95

this is the list I have gotten by Mahir..
I have gotten flatrate packages my last three or four orders.. each time has been filled up with decent ammount of stuff... and each time has been defenitly cheaper then regular packages..
for a very few light items, yes it can be better to send normal but as I have noticed, as soon as you start ordering like coals or shisha, its defenitly worth to get flatrate packages..

this last order from MNH I got alooot of shisha.. and yes it was overkilled with packages and stuff, but most have cans like fusion sb and JM. so this will take alot of space. but still the difference was almost HALF in price of sending regular mail. so Im pretty sure that it would have been worth it even if I didnt order this much..

but IMO theres still no doubt that vendors should have this option for international orders.. but most of them dont.. I know one that does but its a banned vendor so I cant mention it ( PM if intrested ). And they have this option in their website at checkout, and there you can see price difference as well!
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