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Default Re: Where have you smoked your hookah?

ok guys i have a lot of pics, so bear with me here and dont hit me XD
in my old room...
on my 3rd story balcony
Coil smoking on the 3rd story balcony with my bamboo hose

Sada & Me on the second story balcony of my house, this was hilarious cause little kids were playing on the street and kept staring and giggling at us XD
behind the Medieval Tavern, Mittelalter
At the Tavern XD
And this is probably the best one i have pics of, this was infront of a computer store, at 4am, we stayed up till 6am there then we went to my friends house and spent the whole day smoking. The cops did stop and frisk us and search for drugs but it all ended ok.

Now, where ive smoked and dont have pics
On the rim of the Grand Canyon at sunset,
On the 12th story roof of my friends apartment building
In the middle of the field in front of the Congress building
and i'm sure a lot more, but that's enough XD
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