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Default Re: New Dangers of hookah or bull crap?

Originally Posted by bassthrasher View Post
So I've smoked hookah for about two years now, and the other day someone tried to convince me that it is worse than cigarettes. According to this person, medical professionals have discovered brand new forms of lung diseases in the water of hookahs, and that because the smoke is passed through water it will mold your lungs. I think it sounds a little out there. Let me know if you guys have herd of any of this stuff.
umm these people have never lived in an area with mold obviously, in places like VA NC, SC, GA, alabama, FL, etc theres so much shit in the air that if mold was such a horrid issues for you lungs all of us southerners would be dead. i know of one person that has ever had a mold/fungus in their respiratory track and it was when he was 17, pretty sure he never smoked hookah before, he smoked cigs though i know

if the hookah is clean and the water is fresh i see no way there can be any issues, maybe if you leave it sitting there and let the water get stagnate

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
i've heard smoking hookah for 20 minutes is like smoking a pack of cigarettes. if you believe that i challenge you to smoke a pack of cigarettes in 20 minutes, see how far you get.
if i was drunk i might be able to do it, or at least might have been able to, i never smoked very much (maybe 1-2 cigs a day tops), but when i would drink out side or had a porch to sit on i would chain smoke super hard core. dont smoke cigs any more though so idk but if it was menthol or clove i could probably get close... well maybe not in 20 mins but i could do it in one go maybe


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