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Default Re: Hookah Kings Egyptians?

Originally Posted by speel
I beg to differ, the mya qt has been one of the greatest hookahs to ever hit the market. 50$
Originally Posted by ZenSilk
Yes, i do too. The Mya quality is based solely on the stems. And all their stems are worth the buy. I have an Acrylic and the stem is fantastic.
I don't disagree, but you should tell that to the rest of the members on this forum... Seems like any time I even mention the word Mya, most members talk crap and say things like "mya's are unreliable", "they're garbage", "chinese junk"... I just figured since these memebers have had bad experiences when purchasing their cheapest offering, it's no wonder why. From what I've noticed, most people that bash Mya's had a bad experience with either a QT or another small/cheap Mya offering. Hence the reason why I suggested to go north of $120. But I have no doubt the QT is good, it's just that most other people around here do . I'm a Mya owner myself (30 inch Blue Column). It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who knows of the better side of hookah brands :P
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