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Default Re: I cannot stop...

ya i did it too, i would order about 100-150 every 2 months or so, 40 of that being coals, 10 being shipping so i was buying 3-10 things of tobacco at a time.

i have about 40+ flavors and have gone through probably 50+ total in the last year

i like to try new stuff but a lot of things dont come in 50gs or just arent stocked in them

i just have it budgeted into my $, i spend about 2 bucks a day on hookah (not counting the cost of the rig/accessories) if i did its about 3-4 a day but thats for 2 bowls (3 hours) and it is my decompression from the day. kicks my stress off a lot and lets me disconnect from my work (lower stress for me = less getting sick)

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