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Default Bad tobacco

Hey! My friend told me that Al Waha Cherry is good, so because i couldn't choose which one to pick, i bought that one with an Al Waha Peach. Both 250g.
The Al Waha Peach is awesome, just as before. But the Cherry is BAD BAD BAD.
I fill small amount, harsh, big amount, harsh, just right amount, harsh. Small holes, big holes, few, many, much water, little water, glycerin. I've tried everything, but it's harsh. It's not that typical harsh smoke, when you feel like somethings pushing your throat (like smoking your first cigarette or something, you know), i'm talking about the harsh smoke when it feels like you're inhaling sand or something. Little a million little dustmotes are irritating your throat.
So, i still have much left of that tobacco. What do you do in this situation? Just don't care about it and buy some good stuff or maybe some special tricks?
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