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Default Re: Lake Monster Moassel

Originally Posted by Cj Two A View Post
Hajo every time I see that there is a post by you I immediatly read it in the hopes that it will be a story like this. While I wish and hope that my future job will put me into situations like these I'm not quite there yet. But until that happens, it really is nice to live vicariously through your artful stories and use my imagination to fill in the tiny blanks your stories to don't relate. Thanks for that, and until the day I can live out things like this for myself please keep posting, they are great.
Thanks for the comment but keep in mind that my ob does have real draw backs. For one most of my travel time doing boring, stressful stuff that my livelihood (not to mention those of a bunch of other people) depends upon. Also with a job like mine you basically don't have any possibility of family life and you have to be on call to deal with client crap all the time. No upside without a down.
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