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Default Re: Lake Monster Moassel

Originally Posted by mack65401 View Post
Hey Hajo, Uludag is one of my favorite sodas I wonder which version of it you were served and whether it was fresh... I am assuming it was the stale stuff, since it is manufactured in Bursa, which is way more to the west of the country and to truck stuff to Van region takes a good amount of time. I live in Rolla, MO right now and everytime I go to St. Louis I stop by a place called global foods in order to get me and my now-trained-in-the-Turkish-tastes wife a couple of cans of Uludag soda.

If you ever happen to have a plan to stop by in Istanbul for one of your trips, please let me know in advance. I would like to meet you if I am there or at least I can arrange you to meet my brother who could show you the places that are off the beaten path.

Take care.
I had the orange flavoured Uludag and I don't know if it was fresh but I do know it tasted fake and funky. I used to have a good buddy in Rolla but I haven't been there since I left the U.S.

I've not spent much time in Istanbul so it would be cool to get to find what is worth doing there. Thanks for the offer.
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