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Default Re: Pistachio Nakhla Shisha 50g availability?

Originally Posted by Shienhausser View Post
If you have ever had pistachio pudding or ice cream (slight nutty/sweet), it is very similar. It has undertones of almond as well (more like almond paste if you are familiar). Not waxy at all.

Its one of my favs which is why I smoked it all lol (around 500g).
i really like pistachio pudding ... which is why i want to try it out ...

Originally Posted by chadtizzle View Post
i haven't seen it either, maybe ask hookah john when he gets back from vacation if he can get his hands on some. he doesn't have it in 50g.

if i were you i would put something in the trades section that says something like "WTB: 50g sample of nakhla pistachio".

a fellow hp member should help you out!
Doh! good idea .. i have a bunch of pipes (normal tobacco pipes) that i have been meaning to photograph to trade off on here for a while now .. but i keep forgetting to do so ...
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