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Default Re: Which hookah?

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
So you basically want a Mya? And that's that? Cause the only good hookahs H-S has are Myas.

Mya hookahs are great, and maybe that's what you actually want, and it may be best for you as well- if you have a lot of people smoking all at once, or you are clumsy, or you want multiple hoses then get a mya! The center stem on a couple models is hard to clean because of the texture of the brass inside, it's very rough, but some just have a long downtube that is simple.
Wanting a Mya has nothing to do with being clumsy or wanting multiple hoses.

They make quality pipes that are consistent albeit modern. He already stated that he likes how the look and does not care about how hard they are to clean.

He also mentioned why hes ordering from H-S.
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