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Originally Posted by PCServe View Post
i know about the nakhla fakes from turkey. they take sawdust instead of tobacco. but i dont think, that there are AW fakes anyway ...
nakhla fakes are just because its the most popular brand of tobacco and tourists buy it (for example you can get al fakher in egypt, but every tourist buys nakhla, because its so popular and if you dont know much about it, you think it is the best)
Well about egypt..
Nakhla is traditional, people there likes it mroe traditional.. al fakher is more juicy and clouds but not much buzz.. and also.. al fakher like 5 times more expensive then nakhla in egypt.. nakhla is produced there while AF is from united arab eremits.. so that is a big reason for why ppl buy more nakhla in egypt I think...

And there are other fakes of nakhla not from turkey.. Ive not seen any contain sawdust.. it was something else the one I saw.. and Im sure I saw one with like a polish warning etiquett on..
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