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Default Re: Whats the best shisha for everyday use?

Originally Posted by cbyerspace View Post
stick with an egyptian style if cleaning is an issue, every other hookah I've bought is a bitch to clean, I own a mya now, and i must stay its almost indestructable and smokes wonderful, but is a bitch to clean... lol, yes they come apart but you can't compaire that to one long tube with no little ridges or crevases for gunk to hide in.... pluss you can even clean the blow out and main connection with ease on an egytian, and it seems that is the way kms are built, ive been looking into them recently myself...
this might help with your mya cleaning. first scrub it with dishsoap to get a lather built up and rinse it clean, then take it and plug the end (finger, clay, C4 what ever) fill it up with white vinegar and let it sit for 15-60 seconds, drain and rinse well. that will kick out 99% of smells and will give no tastes, the first time you do it or 2 it might come out green as hell though

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