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I just bought a new havana phunnel bowl I think its the large one(its about 5inches tall) and I need some help with how to set it up.

I am using a 29 KM that I also just purchased today and when I set it all up with the phunnel bowl it was hard to take a drag and I wasnt getting much smoke.

My setup was 29 km, havana phunnel bowl, ice in base, i'm not sure what the hose is called but its the big one with the long handle that comes with all km models, 3 coconaras, reynolds heavy duty foil. I did it this way and my results didnt come out that great. Can someone tell me what i'm doing wrong?!?!?

P.S. my hole pattern for the foil was the 3 ring pattern and I DIDNT poke a hole in the middle where the phunnel is. I saw fashows video on youtube and he didnt put a hole in the middle.
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