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Well you see the down stem you have to screw that in... baring in mind that part sees a lot of condensation and smoke if you are taking it apart often you will notice gunk and possible corrosion...also the threads will probably ware down and give way... Another point this happens is the assembly around the ash tray on many MYAs... again if you are dismantling it often to clean it nicely then these parts ware down... It can also get annoying when setting it up because if some threads have worn down it might not align up properly and it might not be air tight as a result hence pretty much a useless/very crappy smoke in the long run.

Just to let you know I've had 5 MYAs and only 1 is still standing and the threads are waring down. I think the really small MYAs are better because they are more sturdy and they smoke surprisingly very very if you really need an ultra portable hookah I'd go with one of those... another thing about MYAs the briefcase things that come with the larger ones are a complete joke...such poor craftsmanship.

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