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Default Re: Ghelyoon News and Developments

Thanks for the input guys. I don't you can buy gheloons outside of Iran but if you can it likely would be from some immigrant shop owner.

Basically the wooden core does act the same way a Western pipe does when it comes to maturing and making the smoke a bit richer.

As for replacements the wooden core can easily last many years if you smoke a single style of tobacco or flavour from it. Otherwise they apparently last about a year. Since the replaceable core would be around 9-15USD (about 10% of the cost of the ghelyoon were it in the U.S. market) it's not exactly a big coast it takes all of 2 minutes stick in a new one.

Here is the thing, I wasn't too too hot on the idea of a wooden water pipe either but having done it and talking with people that have a lot of experience in the matter I found that my gut reaction was wrong.
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