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Default Re: Hose Concern

Your hoses are not washable. If a company is selling washable hoses then they are very happy to announce it because they can charge more and they are a fast selling product. The majority of hoses I own are washable.

If you want confirmation then you can post pictures but it's almost a promise.

I would get rid of your now rusting hoses. All metal coil hoses will eventually degrade but running water through them speeds up this process. It is only a matter of time until the rust begins to flake off and you are getting noticeable chunks in your mouth. What is really scary is that there is a lot coming off that is not noticeable. Personally I don't want to inhale rust.

I suggest gutting one of them rather than just throwing them away and making a DIY home depot washable. There are a few guides you can find in the forums that will tell you exactly how to do it. It can at least be a temporary hose until you get a new one.
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