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Default Re: Coco Brico Review Now please?! :P

Hey, sorry, I totally forgot to do that review! i will do it later, probably tomorrow, but not sure.
but i want to answer your questions right now ...

How long does it take to get them fully lit?
with my burner, it takes about 10 minutes
Are they truely smokeless, odourless (geruchlos) and tasteless?
they are totally tasteless and smokeless. while lighting they have a strange smell, but when you smoke with them this smell is gone.
Do they affect the shisha compared to quicklites?
no, they dont effect the shisha, since there is no taste or smell of the coals
Does the coal allow the production of big fluffy white clouds?
yes, it does. you can check out my other reviews, im smoking with cocobricos all the time.
How long do they last?
the package says 2.5 hours, but i never smoked longer than 90 - 100 minutes with the same coals
What is the ash like?
very fine and little ash, i will show you later ..
Do they break up, if you move them around?
no, they dont.
Can you break them by smashing them with tongs?
no, you cant smash break them with the tongs. they are very massive ... but normally you dont need to break them. they have the perfect size
if you want to break them, you can light them completely and break them with your tongs then.
Do you have to use a windcover with them?
you can use a windcover, but normally you dont need one. i sometimes use one at the beginning of a session to get faster a huge amount of smoke.
the better question would be: "is there enough heat with these coals", and i would say yes. better than any quicklite and i think better than coconaras, too.

Cocobrico vs. Coconara
we dont have coconaras here in germany, but i already got them. i have to say, that cocobricos are better. the heat is much better than with the naras and they are cheaper, too!
84 pcs of coconaras are about $13 ... a 1 kg box of cocobricos (what is 72 pcs) cost about $4 (2,90)
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