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Default Time to upgrade, need opinions

Hey guys first post on your forums but ive been a lurker now for some time.

ive been smoking hookah now for id say 3-4 years, my only vice, and its a casual thing, im not a hardcore smoke every night type person and have yet to smoke alone, normally with one or two friends and some mystery science theater :P

now im a big beliver in supporting my own shops and bars around here but absolute horrible selection in hookahs and we only have like 4 brands of shisha and two of coals.
my current setup is a myan hookah(4 hose) of no brand(local hookahbar setup) three kings quick lights, a reg bowl and a clay funnel my hoses died a year ago i made my own home depot special along with a homemage home depot ice chamer (moded a gallon ice cream contanier sits on the floor and holds mad ice) and my typical shisha is either al waka,faka,or walsha
its treated me nice but im ready to try something better

the only online store i use is hookaH-shisha, so i looked around heres what im thinking of getting
-Syrian 2 hose(havent had a need for my other 2 hoses since friends moved away) Chiller
-Exotica Natral coals
-Heba diffuser
-Romman shisha

my main questions are with natral coals i know i need a better heat sorce then my lighter and my stove top is glass i looked into two options A) single coil stove and B)a nice blow torch, im lery about the stove top because it will remain hot and while inside it isnt a problem but in my room there isnt so much room(and with a 50inch tv surround sound and the best seats in the house my room is where im smoking) but i worry the torch my require to much gas for each coal (torch is a t4000 i think)

im also unfamilure with the romman shisha, i read the reviews but im not sold on any one brand, with the flavors i have tried i have not noticed much of a diffrence smoke or flavor wise, just how much stems i have to remove, im open to suggestions i jsut dont want a high nic rate(i normal stick to .05 and ive found i dont like most american brands)

any otehr advice is greatly welcomed and thank you guys so much, i look forward to becoming a more active member in this community.
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