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Default Leather Hoses Reconsidered

As some of you know i've long been devoted to washable hoses and threw out everything else quite some time ago. In light of recent recent experiencing I find myself reconsidering leather hoses. What prompted this is using traditional Iranian leather hoses which consist of a long bit of leather with heavy stitching and no outer cover. The handles are simple bits of wood held in place place with small wood rings and a couple of screws. While they don't look as fancy as they KM houses they work much better.

Some of you are doubtlessly asking "what do you mean by working better?" well basically that means they have effortless pulls producing huge amounts of smoke and they impart a better taste. The pull is no mystery since the hose and mouth piece are literally 1/3 to a half again bigger in diameter then a KM hose. The taste is interesting in that the smoke tastes a bit more richer and more complicated but nothing that I can actually characterize as leather tasting. Supposedly the leather absorbs nicotine according to the people that use them but I have no idea if that is true although since the smoke is mellower they may be right.

Basically people clean it out with a little electric pump that you use to fill tires and what not which seems to work great since all sorts of crud gets blown out.

Of course if you use a leather hose you best use it with a single flavour since you can't clean it.

Since you can't buy decent leather hoses in the Western world I suppose you'd best off making one your self which shouldn't be a big a deal if you know someone that knows how to sew.

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