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Default Re: What would you guys do?

the words we used most is pulls, drag, or hit as oppsed to toke, which i have heared just not anyone in in any of my sessions

as far as a weak hit (toke) ruining your session, what is it doing that ruining the session exactly?

and if he has a breathing condition he may not be able to hit hard at all, cigs are a diffrent thing, alot less to pull, and alot less to pull though, hookahs have long necks, the bases and then hoses which can be alot harder to hit off of (for instence the few times ive gotten my mom to come over and try it advid smoker for the last 40 years, cant hit the hookah to save her life) so he might just not be able to take that strain. he may not even be able to handle the amount of smoke all at once.
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