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Default Re: What would you guys do?

Originally Posted by opticalshadow View Post
yeah where im at (FL usa) we often use toke for those things :P

the problem sounds liek to me atleast, is his pulls may be enough to hit the coal but not drag though, and hes only smoking the vase smoke, in effect your cooking the shisha but not drawing more down the stem so your just pulling coal into the shisha for the next person, smokeing from the base would also require the next person to pull new smoke down the stem requireing a harder pull(like when you have to start the hookah)

natrual would prob help if your having disflavor, as far as the other thing, try having someone carb his line as he inhales, it helps my weak lunged friend get bigger hits, that or have him take a hose out and hit at the base XP (though it seems to taste so much better when you do)
Yes I think this is what is happening only the vase smoke is being smoked with him for sure thanks for articulating that for me.
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