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Default Re: What would you guys do?

Originally Posted by opticalshadow View Post
it can be a difficult spot to make a choice on, for me hookah like footbag has always been about love and peace, my house rules, you raise your voice in anger argue fight or get sassy you can just leave, it always been about relaxation to me. and ive never had to kick anyone out, and man ive had some bad ones, on friend who would clear the chamber before every hit another who without fail every session would somehow knock the coal off my bowl, weve had shisha burn weve had coals explode.

try to work with him is what i would do.
Yeah I've been through a lot of that stuff to...the coal burns and all lol...and I have worked through it too...its about the same things for me to but I like to make sure everyone enjoys it and he just seems to be killing it for everyone a little...I mean its not the end of the world or anything but I thought you guys would have some ideas...which you have ty. I think I'll keep working with him and maybe I'll try and make the shisha so it's easier to pull, bigger holes in the foil maybe or this carbing idea perhaps... also the switch to naturals should do some good I hope.

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