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Default Re: Time to upgrade, need opinions

ok so how would this go for the new set up
(you guts are terrible, i think ive changed every item from my orginal order lol)
-KM Chiller (one hose which of corse will be a black razen saltun)
-1(or 2) boxes of CH coals(QL)
-1 SB Citrius mist (or blue mist two forum favs)(250g)
-1 AF (not sure what flavor but ive had 90% this is my back up)(250g)
-1 Undecided 250g shisha, if remains undecided will most likly end up either AF or maybe some 50g of other brands.
-maybe a glass bowl for looks, unsure. this setup is alot cheaper then my other one so i have play money.
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