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Default Re: Whats with all the hype on Mizo Mint?

As someone who has smoked both normal Nakhla Mint and Mizo Mint, I have to say that Normal Nakhla Mint takes the cake. Mizo mint is nice, but it is like the candy type of mint flavor, dont get me wrong, its nice, but i only use it as a mixer because it goes well with fruit flavors. Now, Normal Nakhla Mint has this eukalyptus taste to it. It tastes like a mint plant, and with the unwashed tobacco, you get a huge buzz and great flavor. When i smoke Nakhla Mint I almost always smoke it alone, or i mix it with DA. Its such a unique and amazing flavor, it cant be smoked with other things well. Also, to the people complaining about the flavor freezing your throat, toughen up. I fill my vase with ice then put a little water in until it gets to the right height. That is the best way to smoke this. Its more of a sipper smoke than a SB Clusterf#@k cloud.

The one and only Nakhla Mint.
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