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Default Re: Time to upgrade, need opinions

Originally Posted by opticalshadow View Post
ok so how would this go for the new set up
(you guts are terrible, i think ive changed every item from my orginal order lol)
-KM Chiller (one hose which of corse will be a black razen saltun)
-1(or 2) boxes of CH coals(QL)
-1 SB Citrius mist (or blue mist two forum favs)(250g)
-1 AF (not sure what flavor but ive had 90% this is my back up)(250g)
-1 Undecided 250g shisha, if remains undecided will most likly end up either AF or maybe some 50g of other brands.
-maybe a glass bowl for looks, unsure. this setup is alot cheaper then my other one so i have play money.
Looks good, but im not so sure about the glass bowl. Some people on here can get them to smoke right, but for me, the sessions are usually pretty short and it easier to burn. But if thats what your looking for, go for it. Also, with the 250g of undecided shisha, I would get yourself a good mint. Most people on here will say AF Mint, or Nakhla Mizo Mint. Either one of these would make a great mixer with the rest of your shisha, or just to smoke alone and cool down.
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