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Default Talk facts about the illegalization of Fruit Tobacco & Chat

That link contains pretty much all the facts you will need & hundreds of opinions from anywhere involving flavored tobacco, pipe tobacco, fruit tobacco & clove cigarette smokers. May contain a couple bad words too. So be careful

"The law, which Congress passed overwhelmingly, also restricts makers of tobacco products from using candy or fruit flavorings in their products and bans them from advertising at sporting or entertainment events."
According to the new bill signed into law by President Obama, the tobacco industry is now banned from using fruit or candy flavorings in their products.

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(A) IN GENERAL- Except as provided in subparagraph (B), no person shall use, with respect to any cigarette brand style commercially distributed domestically, on the portion of the package of such cigarette brand style that customarily is visible to consumers before purchase, or in advertising of such cigarette brand style any of the following as a descriptor of any cigarette brand style--
(i) the name of any candy or fruit;
(ii) the word ‘candy,’ ‘citrus,’ ‘cream,’ ‘fruit,’ ‘sugar,’ ‘sweet,’ ‘tangy,’ or ‘tart,’; or
(iii) any extension or variation of any of the words ‘candy,’ ‘citrus,’ ‘cream,’ ‘fruit,’ ‘sugar,’ ‘sweet,’ ‘tangy,’ or ‘tart,’ including but not limited to ‘creamy,’ or ‘fruity.’
(B) LIMITATION- Subparagraph (A) shall not apply to the use of the following words or to any extension or variation of any of them: ‘coffee,’ ‘mint,’ and ‘menthol’.
(C) SCENTED MATERIALS- No person shall use, in the advertising or labeling of any cigarette commercially distributed domestically, any scented materials, except in an adult-only facility.
(D) DEFINITIONS- In this section:
(i) The term ‘candy’ means a confection made from sugar or sugar substitute, including any confection identified generically or by brand, and shall include the words ‘cacao,’ ‘chocolate,’ ‘cinnamon,’ ‘cocoa,’ ‘honey,’ ‘licorice,’ ‘maple,’ ‘mocha,’ and ‘vanilla.’
(ii) The term ‘fruit’ means any fruit identified by generic name, type, or variety, including but not limited to ‘apple,’ ‘banana,’ ‘cherry,’ and ‘orange.’ The term ‘fruit’ does not include words that identify seeds, nuts or peppers, or types or varieties thereof or words that are extensions or variations of such words."

Talk about what YOU know regarding the illegalization of 'fruit tobacco' & any other details which would be useful to know!
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