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Default Maybe I'm Wrong....

But does anyone think the hookah market has been slow as of late? On a straight plateau, not going anywhere in particular?

There was the new Lucid flavors, a couple Starbuzz flavors, 2 new Fantasia flavors, an E-Coal, and the flood of Al Fakher Syrians (which in my opinion was the best part).

Other than that, I have seen nothing of interest: KM styles that are the exact same as previous ones, new rip-offs of KM's that are just basically Khalil Mamoon with a different brand-name, no new Mya's that are good looking or worth a damn, vendor's offering the same "exclusive" product as other vendors, vendors offering Sahara-Smoke/Hookah-Hookah products (this one is the ultimate over-kill), and the new Lucid flavors were hardly as amazing as everyone thought they would be.

Tons of vendors offer Hookah-Hookah brand tobacco, but Sahara-Smoke offers me an unbelievable discount that drops the price considerably so I have absolutely no reason to purchase from anyone else. Sahara-smoke rigs are definitely not my favorite, yet more and more vendors seem to be popping up with the exact same models at the exact same prices.

Why can't we get some good stuff in here? I know there has to be a way to get Al Fakher to run in some Soft Black, or some Nakhla Zag Light in a glass jar? Or maybe some new brass Syrians that aren't the same run-of-the-mill Khalil mamoon/Nour rigs? Or even a new brand/style from a different country? Something that has never been seen before in the states!

As a customer, I want something new and fantastic. None of this same-old Starbuzz or Fantasia or lifeless Khalil Mamoons! I want something original, something unique, something quality, ANYTHING! Maybe there is nothing left?
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