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Default Re: Hi I Am Completely New To Hookah (Could Some One Give Me Some Advice?)

Originally Posted by daedra
same as tobacco, try that soex out. then try out tangiers.
bad example as most people who try to smoke tangiers have big problems with it

as people have said it wont matter too much if you smoke tobacco or sugarcane because both are bad for your health in the end. one can be worse than the other and if tested they will probably say tobacco but since neither are thoroughly tested we will not know for sure. even then i dont trust a lot of the tobacco tests because quite a few of them are false in one way or another or taken to extremes to get the bad side effects. what i would say is try the soex and if you dont like it get a 50/250g of al fakher locally (i know they sell that and nakhla in the uk and not many more) just to try it as you may like it more. the way i see it is we have one life so lets enjoy it to the fullest extent. i dont see myself living past 75 and honestly i dont want to because most people by that time they deteriorate so much i hardly call what they are doing living, it is more like just existing and fighting death. i would gladly die with a hookah hose in one hand and a.....haha cant say it for certain rules on the the other than not do it.
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