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Default Re: So im thinking of buying a hookah, I need help though

a rotating hookah is as hookah that at the part where hoses plug into rotates, making it easier to pass, in my exp if you have more then one hose, its normally not even required and i have yet to have a situation where i could have benifited, JMO.

as for what i recommend that is color ful, i havent tried one but ive heard decent things about AF hookahs, they atleast to me seem to carry a distint astetic vibe to them, and the doubble pears in KM are an eye pleaser too. what i really would suggest is to go to the diffrent hookah site, this forum has a section for reliable vendors, find something you like, and when you find a few come back here and ask about them, also check the review section, this narrows the search field from an area that will take more on a personal opinion to an area based on performence, which in the end is the biggest deciding factor of them all.
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