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My Al Fakher Top Flavours:

Al Fakher Golden Rose (Regular also very good)
Al Fakher Golden grape (Regular white grape is also good...but once I tried the golden black grape I just feel it is so much better...I think grape is their bestseller careful of 'bad batches' some people have been talking about on here)
Al Fakher Mint (I read that in the middle east this is very popular with the increasing number of women smokers...I tend to use mint as a mixer with most of these other flavours)
Al Fakher Lemon
Al Fakher Golden Bahraini Apple
Al Fakher Golden Eskandarani
Al Faker Golden Strawberry (Even Regular Strawberry is v.good as is Regular Double Apple)
Al Fakher Orange

As far as watermelon goes yes it is a good flavour in fact all the flavours are pretty good it just comes down to what you like really... Also I hear good things about Al Fakher Pipe flavour (tastes chocolaty apparently) waiting to try this one out.
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