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Default Re: Whats actually in shisha tobacco?

Originally Posted by squareben View Post
what about molasses?
I'm actually kind of saddened that you don't know what molasses is. you whipper snapper.

Molasses is a biproduct of sugar refining. After the majority of the sugar is collected from the pressed sugarcane juice it is then boiled to reduce the water content and becomes a syrup that is sugary and flavorful. There are multiple grades of molasses like there are in honey based on the color and flavor. It ranges from very light in color and aroma to "black strap" molasses. It is perfectly safe and has been used as an addative in foods and other products for years.

Brown sugar is brown because the molasses is not taken out of the sugar. It adds flavor and complexity. So you have eaten or consumed molasses in one form or another over the course of your life.

Regarding smoking, structurally it is very similar to honey. It's just a sugar syrup but has flavor elements that are different than honey that come from the sugar cane (or sugar beet) and the cooking process. Honey has specific flavor elements as well from the plants the pollen is collected from.

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