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Default Re: Maybe I'm Wrong....

There have been an influx of new flavors recently. Half of which you mentioned yourself. There are a couple entirely new brands on the market as of late as well. JMs tobacco is new and has been causing some serious waves. Just off the top of my head there have been over 15 new flavors released on the market since the start of 2009. and that is not including those that have been done a thousand times before. I am talking new and original flavors (or new versions of flavors that have never been done well).

Frankly I am not too sure what else you want. You mention a lack of interesting hookahs. Frankly I would prefer to see new flavors and new advancements rather than just new styles of hookahs that will perform the same function. I have my KM, my Nour, my generic egyptian and a Mya. I have hookahs pretty well covered. More hookahs are just supurfluous at this point and new experiences regarding hookah are going to come from higher quality products and better/new flavors.
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